The Low-Fad Diet
There are a lot of diet books around and I hesitated to add to this already saturated market, but the need for this book becomes more and more apparent each February when I find myself inundated with clients who haven’t managed to succeed with their latest dieting attempt. Many of them had tried every diet going and still weighed more than they did when they embarked on their very first weight loss scheme. I first decided to put pen to paper and write The Low-Fad Diet when it became clear to me that people will always buy diet books and I felt there needed to be a sensible one out there for people to choose. I first wanted to help the yo-yo dieters and the people who feel like they are doomed to be “on a diet” for the rest of their lives. And I wanted to help people who hate diets. But it has evolved since then.

Its scope has expanded. The low-Fad Diet is also for people who have a tricky relationship with food. People who comfort eat and hate that they do it, and people who dread Christmas because they can’t resist the non-stop nibbles. It is for everyone who wants to stop thinking about food all day.

The Low-Fad Diet is for people who want to lose weight and be healthy but don’t have the time or inclination to follow a complex diet dictated by a guru, but instead want a few basic guidelines to help them make better choices.

Although this book is a kind of diet book, it isn’t solely to help people to lose weight. This book is for anyone who wants to have a better understanding of basic nutrition for everyday life. There will always be more you can learn about food and nutrition, but this book provides an overview of the most relevant bits for most people.