“Before I met Jo, my eating habits were a result of information that I had cobbled together from lifestyle magazines, hearsay, and my own opinion: no wonder I was left with something that didn’t work and I wasn’t happy with. Following Jo’s plan was a revelation: I thought healthy eating had to be difficult and tortuous, but Jo showed me that keeping a varied, balanced, and healthy diet can be simple as well as enjoyable! The principles of the plan are clear and easy to put in practice, even at the busiest of times – I think that’s what makes this a life-long sustainable plan. Furthermore, there is scientific, medical evidence behind the plan, which I think matters when committing to it. Jo’s plan has transformed my relationship with food to a positive, healthy and happy one and I am sure it will do the same for others!”

Paul Harvey, London



“At the point when I first went to see Jo I was pretty desperate. I’d been binging on huge amounts of chocolate, cake, biscuits… anything bad! And not eating much else. I was seriously low generally, I felt awful about the way I looked and I was also desperately hungry – starving myself to gain back the calories I’d consumed bingeing meant I was ravenous (not that I realised at the time) and would eventually give in and binge again. This is basically the vicious cycle I’ve been in for years with food: and getting bigger and bigger as a result. Jo was, and has been, extremely patient and kind. And she listened. She recognised the emotional side of my eating and has helped me to gradually change my relationship with food – but, while I’d known this already – I don’t think I’d ever realised how much was actually very practically resolved – by eating proper food regularly.

This hasn’t happened overnight – but we have found that every time I’ve started bingeing again I’ve needed to return to the completely obvious idea of this basic eating plan – 3 meals a day. Carbs, proteins and veg. Every time I have forgotten, Jo’s reminded me how to get back on track. It now seems so simple – but it’s taken a while to change my eating patterns as I’ve had to retrain myself after years of terrible eating habits that had gradually formed from following unsustainable diets. I’ve needed Jo’s input – and it’s been amazing how it now feels like I am eating the way I will always eat: as in it feels sustainable (not like when you are thinking ahead to the end of a diet and being able to eat normally again!!) and I’ve gradually lost around 3 stone doing it. I’ve got more to go. I do other things like exercise too. But because I eat normally and healthily now I have enough energy to exercise lots. I love eating now in a way I could never do before – I felt guilty whatever I ate – whereas now it seems normal to eat a full, proper meal and to have treats now and then and be able to control it. Still not completely there yet – but after years of trying and failing I feel really happy in myself and it’s a huge relief – in massive part thanks to Jo’s way of doing things.”

Beth, London



“I was really pleased with the results of my diet, and Jo´s approach to nutrition was so accurate and easy to adapt to my lifestyle. She has been by far one of the best nutritionists I have met and I am so happy I had the chance to change my diet habits for the rest of my life.

I found Jo´s sessions very helpful, there was always something new to learn. I would suggest everyone interested in changing diet habits for life, to approach Jo and work together with her in achieving goals.”

Tomás Fernandez



“I met Jo around four years ago when my weight at that time had gone through the roof and when I reached 90 kgs, I was desperate and morbidly obese. I looked into different nutritionists, but Jo came across absolutely like the perfect guide. She wasn’t only a dietitian, she also taught me to eat meaningfully and to treat food as fuel and not as comfort only. In around a year, thankfully to her support, guidance, tips and amazing knowledge I dropped 25kg and from a size 18 I went down to a size 10.

I could never recommend enough her method and her as a person. Jo supported me in good and bad moments. It was a tough journey, I had many sets back and many times I slipped into bad habits again, but she has always been at the other end ready to make me think and analyse where the problem was and how we could, together, overcome it.”

Daniela, London



“Like so many people in this technical age a desperate problem led me to seek internet solutions. I was suffering from a severe lack of energy and some health problems that made it almost impossible to fulfil my full time, rather challenging employment. I had undergone a complete medical workup and started on medication to reduce my symptoms but remained very uncomfortable, exhausted and despairing. Over the previous two years my weight had risen sufficiently to put my body mass index into the obese category, colleagues tried to tempt me to experiment with removing various foods from my diet and my physiotherapist suggested that a nutritionist should help with this to ensure that I got it right.

As a healthcare professional and teacher of health care subjects I wanted to find support from someone who had dietetic qualifications and who would be sympathetic to my reluctance to accept that food allergies might be the cause of my problems. I searched, I found Jo and all I can really say is thank you so much Jo. Thank you for your back to basics knowledge and your firm but caring, accommodating style. I knew about the standard plate, I knew about the dangers of refined sugar and empty calories but I was at a complete loss when it came to applying those ideas to my own diet.

Then it came to exercise! I knew about this too. I had got to such a low level of fitness that I could not even contemplate organised exercise. We agreed, Jo and I, that I ‘must’ have accessed some physical activities that I enjoyed by the next time that we met. I heard the word ‘must’ kindly spoken but definite and I did it! I took up church bell ringing, I joined aqua exercise and Pilates groups and I started a compulsory twenty minute daily walk or outdoor activity. It worked, Jo reassured me that I could manage on my own and said goodbye – a sad day.

Over the following six months my weight dropped by 10kg and I developed new active hobbies. My energy and my ability to do my job gradually improved, I found the space to make changes to my professional role and feel like a different person. I am not perfect; I can slip back to old habits, especially when out of my controlled environment on business trips or holiday. However I now have the motivation and skills to get back on track, I am in control of my eating and my weight.

Thank you Jo, I booked an appointment with you as a final, doubting attempt to manage my gastric symptoms and lose weight and, within five months, I found a whole new lifestyle that I thought was for others, not for me.”

Amanda Hutcherson, London



“Three and an half years ago I was about to turn 40. I was trying to lose weight, hitting the gym 3 times a week, going to zumba class and on I was on a fad diet, I was eating little, 0% fat yogurts, protein replacement meals etc…I even tried slimming pills. But instead of losing weight, I was gaining some. I had a lot of stress in my private life and I was working long hours as a childminder. Plus my home wasn’t safe as the rent could rise at any time and so much problems with maintenance. Well I had a really stressful life.

One day I heard someone talking about nutritionist, I never thought of it. I searched online for one and found The London Nutritionist. I’ve got an appointment as soon as possible. There I was, Jo asked me about my life, and she actually made me understand the problem. I was putting my boyfriend first, my work second and I came third in my priorities. I was in a toxic relationship, working a lot and was too tired to look properly after myself. I was on a fad diet and sometimes at the end of the day I would starve and grab a biscuit or two, then couldn’t stop and would finish the box. Then go to the gym and try to eliminate that. It was so wrong…

After being assessed by Jo, I knew my life had to change. I put myself first in my priorities, my job second and my boyfriend next, well he wasn’t doing anything for me so that was his place. My goal was to lose about 6 kilos by summer, we were in April. Jo made a plan for me with no more slimming pills, no more meal replacements, no more 0% fat yoghurts. She introduced me to good food. It was all about learning how to eat and in which quantity. No sport the first month. And I had to write my feelings, what went wrong and what I did about it. I was a bit lost about it I have to say, the first time I went shopping I was confused, couldn’t understand how I could stop exercise and start to eat full fat creamy yoghurts and loose weight. I just followed the plan Jo made for me. A month later I had my second visit with her and I lost a kilo by then. She introduced me to exercise again, a zumba class a week and twice a week a power walk. And I lost a kilo again. At the next visit i think I put back a kilo on as I had some problems in my private life, but then I didn’t give up and carried on with my program. By August I lost 5 kilos. My mood lifted. I was happy and at my next visit to Jo, she told me that I was doing well, understood how to eat and then didn’t need her anymore.

With the help of Jo, I learned more than losing weight. I learned as well that in eating good food with the right proportions made me feel good in my body and also my mind. I started to work a bit less, gave up my toxic relationship and put myself first. My life changed a lot, I am more confident and know how to enjoy food without putting weight on.

Thank you Jo without you I wouldn’t be at this place today.”

Juliette Renard, London